Osama Bin Laden a fost ucis / Osama bin Laden was killed

Osama Bin Laden

Noi amănunte inedite cu privire la operațiune care a condus la lichidarea liderului terorist Osama bin Laden ies la iveală.

Astfel, consilierul președintelui Obama pe probleme de securitate, John Brennan, a confirmat că Osama bin Laden a folosit o femeie ca scut în momentul în care agenții americani au intrat în vila în care locuia.

Potrivit site-ului ndtv.com, femeia s-ar număra chiar printre victimele operațiunii, alături de Osama și fiul său.

English Version:

According to LATimes, Osama Bin Laden was killed, the sizable collection of buildings in the city of Abbottabad, hidden behind a series of walls as high as 18 feet, is sure to join Saddam Hussein’s last known address among the most notorious examples of hideout architecture in recent memory.

But for a terrorist often pictured carrying a walking stick and navigating a steep hillside in the remote mountains between Pakistan and Afghanistan, the compound where Bin Laden was killed seemed surprisingly permanent — and surprisingly urban. Bin Laden reportedly had been living for several years with his family on the second and third floors of the compound’s main building.

The most fascinating details to emerge about the operation so far: that U.S. government officials constructed one or more models of the compound in advance of the raid. As Times reporter Ken Dilanian notes, “Mock-ups had been constructed and rehearsals of the raid held while senior officials watched.”

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