Rapperul G-Eazy este pe val


Albumul ‘The Beautiful & Damned’ va fi disponibil incepand cu data de 15 decembrie, aceeasi zi in care Eminem va lansa ‘Revival’.

“I slipped up with my ex and I smashed again, stayed over — now she’s about to get attached again/ Walls built up around, they come crashing in… why do people do things that be bad for ’em?” canta G-Eazy, in timp ce Charlie este responsabil cu refrenul: „I know that I’ll regret this when I’m sober, but every shot I’m getting closer (getting closer)/Is it true that 80 proof is the reason I’m with you?”

Rapperul are momentan un hit de Top10 impreuna cu A$AP Rocky si Cardi B, ‘No Limit’ – si este pe cale sa inregistreze un al doilea hit cu ‘Him & I’, colaborarea pe care a facut-o impreuna cu iubita sa, Halsey. Rapperul ar putea avea o a treia reusita cu ‘Sober’, piesa facuta impreuna cu Charlie Puth. Piesa extrasa de pe albumul ‘The Beautiful and Damned’ povesteste ce se intampla intre prieteni in noptile de betie.

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